HEART Business Journal for Women® is not exclusive to women. While brought to life with a female voice, the articles featured are based on issues that affect both women and men in business. Our research indicates that the majority of men surveyed provided positive feedback and felt that HEART Business Journal for Women® would act as a resource that would help them better connect with the females in their lives by learning more about their unique attitudes and challenges in the world of business.

Many of the issues we discuss, particularly our mentorship and personal development articles and journal exercises, are meant to benefit anyone interested in personal and professional growth.

By utilizing these tools, men will also gain better insight into their own positions in the workforce, as they come to understand how they affect the balance of work-life harmony. This invaluable resource allows men to gain a new perspective to better understand the women in their lives. Men can learn, grow, and expand their interpersonal scope to help improve their work environment, which will also hopefully benefit their female counterparts.

HEART can also serve as a vehicle for couples, allowing each partner the opportunity to discuss life and career goals. Today, many couples are dedicated to their individual careers and often do not engage each other in this dialogue. As we grow and experience work and life challenges, our goals can undoubtedly change. At every stage of life, from 20s to 30s to 40s and beyond, couples can use the journal exercises as a tool to generate conversation in order to develop a deeper understanding of one another.